Xander Steenbrugge

Head of Applied Research, ML6

I graduated as a civil engineer at the University of Ghent. After my thesis on brain-computer interfaces, I started as a data-scientist working on data visualization and analytics but then quickly transitioned to a full-time focus on Machine Learning (at ML6). I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Deep Learning based robotics and also run a Youtube channel on Machine Learning & AI called ‘Arxiv Insights’.



Smart manufacturing through self-learning systems, are you ready for Software 2.0?

From customer support to cancer detection and stockbroking funds: everywhere industries are being disrupted by Machine Learning, forcing large companies to reinvent themselves or be swallowed by the wave of new AI-startups. Through several success stories I will show how even large companies can benefit from this wave of Machine Learning by learning to collaborate with experts in the field of AI, allowing them to aim for moonshot projects they could never accomplish internally.

Technology Innovation


Riverside room 12:30