Robert-Jan van Espelo

Business Innovation Director, Oracle Europe

Robert is Director of Business Innovation for Oracle in Europe. In his role he helps organizations bring valuable new ideas to life through co-creation, using modern techniques like agile, lean and scrum. Combine these these practical tools and techniques for creative innovation with a wide range of cutting edge technology (such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, API’s, Analytics and Intelligent Chatbots) for Rapid Prototyping and you have all you need to turn great ideas into reality quickly. Robert loves working in agile, creative environments where changing business needs meet the possibilities of cutting edge technology. Mix the right people with the right design thinking, focus them on an ambitious goal and magic happens… It’s how you build ideas that work!


How do you make sure a great idea gets executed? From idea to execution in less than 10 weeks…

Every organization has them: Great ideas. Very few can turn these ideas into actual business improvements quickly and consistently. Mastering that process might just the the trick to surviving and thriving in the upcoming age of radical change… What is needed to identify and frame good ideas, explore and test, then build and scale them throughout an organization? This is a process you can learn and this session touches on people and mindset, creativity methodologies, rapid prototyping capabilities and stakeholder management.

Business Innovation


Upper room 16:30