Nick De Mey

Creative Director/ Founder, Board of Innovation

Nick is the co-founder of Board of Innovation, a consulting company with specialists in intrapreneurship programs, business model innovation & design thinking. The focus of Board of Innovation is to build innovation capabilities in large corporates. Amongst others, Board of Innovation has helped companies like Thomson Reuters, ING, SAPPI & Roche to channel internal innovative capacity with success. Nick has a mixed background in industrial design, digital tech & innovation management.



How to use the Innovation Matrix to build up innovation capabilities?

Most large companies have experimented with various innovation formats: design sprints, incubators, etc. The challenge today is to go beyond Innovation theatre and to build up sustainable innovation capabilities. His team travels the globe to co-create different innovation programs for the most demanding innovation champions. In this talk, Nick will present the Innovation Matrix: a framework used to evaluate all the potential innovation activities.

Business Innovation


Upper Room 12:30