Marga Van Laere

Founder and CEO, Admiral Dynamics

Marga has a long standing history in major software implementations projects for the financial, pharma, distribution, ICT and energy & utilities industry. She gained an extensive CRM experience in the field and is obsessed with customer engagement and the creative exploring of customer data. She can lead the Customer Relationship and the Lifecycle management strategic agenda, including setting goals, driving programs from planning to execution, measurement and integration of your CRM and segmentation into all core marketing programs.


The Future-proof Customer Experience Program @ DGZ Vlaanderen

As the association of and for the Flemish livestock farmers, DGZ continues to focus on improving the efficiency and customer-oriented thinking in the daily operation throughout the organisation. In recent years, the further optimisation and digital automation of the work and customer processes, together with the shift to providing more customer self-checking capabilities, have led to a clearly demonstrable improvement in the quality-price ratio of the services provided to the livestock farmers and their veterinarians.

Customer Innovation


Central room 14:00
Speaking together with Danny Geyssens