Marc crauwels

Founder and CDO, Admiral Dynamics

Marc has a track record in the financial, energy & utilities and the automotive industry, especially in sales and marketing. For more than 30 years his focus has been delivering more growth and profitability. His goal is to help customers drive their customer experience both from a business perspective as on a personal level. His advisory skills have been used on many occasions at different levels of the organisation. More than once he has been asked to assist a board of directors in making the right decisions.



Digital Transformation: Empowering People!

The digital transformation is about humans! It is the interaction between, the communication with and the understanding of one other’s vision and strategy. So, it is important to empower people with the right tools to let them seamlessly play in this digital world, keeping track of a sustainable work-life balance.

It is not important to dive into each hype that is proclaimed as being the next big thing, but it is about selecting the right options for your business and your people. It is about creating an intelligent environment, that is flexible and secure to work. It is about delivering the tools to collaborate.

Business Innovation


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