Anne Cornut & Ingrid Renders

Founders of Maison Slash

Ingrid en Anne are the founding partners of Maison Slash – a creative lab ‘where the parents are alright’. Their core business is to give a voice to the New Generation of Parents (NGP’s).
Their blog is already read by 35K unique visitors/month, and counting. They help brands with creative communication towards families. They are the inventors ‘of the word of the year’ ‘Samsonseks’, and have organized the first “Family Rave Party” ever in Belgium.


The language of the New Generation of Parents (NGP’s), is it hard?

The new generation of parents (NGP’s) doesn’t stop their lives after having baby’s. This is a generation who expects another tone of voice, who breaks with common traditions, who grew up with advertisement, and by this see through it. Because of all this, businesses encounter lots of difficulties to reach this target group. The world of advertisement is shifting. Anne and Ingrid – founding partners of Maison Slash- explain how you can reach NGP’s and how you can make your brand parent friendly.

Customer Innovation


Upper room 10:30


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