Karel Van Acoleyen

Theoretical Physicist, Ghent University

Karel Van Acoleyen is a theoretical physicist at Ghent University. His research revolves around elementary particles, quantum mechanics, gravity and cosmology. He lectures the theory of relativity, but he is also very fond of bringing science outside the classroom: from speaking at bars, street fairs and (film)festivals to teaching the band de Portables on Killing horizons. With “Captain Einstein” he is now exploring relativity in Virtual Reality.



Captain Einstein: Virtual Reality meets Relativity.

Virtual Reality and 360-degree video technology are opening up new exciting possibilities for science education and communication. With ‘Captain Einstein’ we have created a VR experience of the theory of Relativity. By simulating a world with a slow speed of light we bring Relativity to a human scale, allowing for a direct experience of its different spectacular effects. In the talk I will discuss our motivation, some of the science and technology behind the project and its use for initiating both the layman and the physics student in Einstein’s wonderful theory.

You can also experience Captain Einstein’s relativistic boat trip for yourself at the conference. Put the VR goggles on and get ready for a mind-bending adventure in which we chase the light. Watch buildings that bend and stretch, admire the most amazing rainbows in the sky, discover the relativity of time. After this trip your view on space, time and all in between will probably not quite be the same anymore.

Technology Innovation


Riverside room 10:00