Jeroen De Wit

CEO, Teamleader

Jeroen De Wit is CEO and co-founder of Teamleader, a Belgian scale-up that offers an all-in-one software solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), invoicing and project management to SMEs. The main idea? Helping SMEs and young startups work smarter, and focus on what matters. Jeroen is a passionate entrepreneur, driven by an iron will and the desire to really help other businesses. In June 2012, he released a first version of Teamleader together with co-founders Willem Delbare and Mathias Deloore, and that very same software is currently well on its way to conquer the European SME market. Simplicity and customer-centricity were always at the heart of its development – and will continue to be so as the company moves forward.



What does innovation means for SMEs?

For many SMEs the next step in their digital transformation is not about AI or VR, but about automating daily processes. Jeroen will give some more insights.


Business Innovation


Central room 16:30