Jean-Luc Verhelst

Author of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond

Jean-Luc Verhelst is the author of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond (2017), works as a strategy and blockchain consultant for Monitor Deloitte and delivered multi-day trainings in EMEA and USA. He won the world’s largest blockchain hackathon of 2016 and his master thesis on Bitcoin received the award for best financial thesis of 2014 in Belgium. He co-founded HIVE, a not-for-profit blockchain community and think tank having multiple working groups and holds degrees in IT and Business. Most importantly, Jean-Luc has a real passion for Bitcoin, blockchains and how they will shape our future.



How will bitcoins, blockchains and cryptocurrencies shape our future?

Bitcoin and blockchain have triggered a new technological gold rush. If we’re to believe the hype, there’s no problem that can’t be solved by putting it ‘on the blockchain’. Proposals are flooding the market: from blockchain-enabled payments, through to identity management solutions, and Amazon and Uber killers – all powered by blockchain. It all sounds too good to be true, much like internet did in its early days.

Technology Innovation


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