Greg Nice

Cloud Management Business Manager, NEMEA VMWare

He joined VMware in February 2017 and is working with customers to help them understand the challenges and opportunities associated with a multi-cloud future. Much of the conversation revolves around the effective use of people, process and technology and how this is aligned to support the overall business objectives of our customers.


Speakerslot 1

It’s a Hybrid world and someone has to manage it.

One of the challenges facing VMware’s customers today is how best to run and manage multiple cloud or multi-cloud environments. The questions that need answering are as follows: How much will it cost? Is it secure? Will it perform? What happens next? What’s the process? These are all classed as “enterprise requirements” and are increasingly questions that company executives want to know the answers to. This session will provide some insight into our customer’s thinking by sharing research undertaken by MIT Technology Review. Attendees will hear about how other companies have approached the challenges of adopting the cloud as part of their overall IT strategy.


Speakerslot 2

How Digital Transformation was embraced by a larger media company and we will give insight in major challenges

We will highlight the use cases from a larger media company that went through the Digital journey and what they encountered – and how they responded During this interactive workshop, we will have several key question on their vision/angle on key challenges.



Business Innovation


Central room 12:30
Upper room 16:00