Eric Lippens

Founder @ NoNoMa

Eric believes strongly that online en offline marketing suits each other like gin and tonic. He aims at developing fluent marketings stories in a no nonsense way! And therefore he developed a way of shaping teams in to digitalisation…. In fact, digitalisation doesn’t exist! It is just doing marketing in a new way of working. And it starts within the teams.


How to tackle the 7 most common mistakes companies make in Digital Transformation?

A lot of companies struggle with Digital Transformation and try to implement several tracks to make the change happen. But they forget most of the times that the biggest capital of the company are the teams they want to change. During those changing period, it could happen that the efforts will be decreased by neglecting the human capital of the teams. By giving the teams the lead of the digitalisation, major things can happen and the (human) capital of the company is able to increase for years by letting the right people focus on customers journeys. Let’s see together in a No Nonsense way how we can tackle the 7 most common mistakes in digital transformation of teams.

Customer Innovation


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