Carine Lucas

Lead Expert, Agoria

Carine Lucas, PhD in Computer Science, recognizes the impact and potential of digital transformation like no other. Having extended experience in ICT research, she carried out an advising role for numerous tech-inspired projects in very diverse fields. Over the years her focus shifted from technological to business and social innovation. At Agoria her mission is to help companies understand how to build on software-based innovations to capture value and grow.


From chaos to roadmap: how to map your digital journey?

The digital revolution can bring greater efficiency, better performance and more opportunities to your business. But between the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing and the blockchain the information can be overwhelming. It feels like chaos. So how do you start or continue your digital transformation? How do you set concrete goals? But most of all, what is important for your business? Agoria and Sirris have developed the Digital Journey Tracker to help you draw a clearer path ahead, based on your ambitions and your line of business. In this talk we’ll help you understand the multiple options and what they represent for you. And most importantly, where the digital transformation of your business can take you.


Business Innovation


Upper room 15:00